Sunday, April 13, 2014

1965 Gladiator Pickup Brochure

Today we’re getting another look at brochures that I’ve found via the auto enthusiasts website, a “web magazine/blog” Lov2xlr8. There are literally years and years worth of vintage brochures and ads here. Today, we’re going to continue to plow through them with a short, but sweet look at the 1965 Jeep Gladiator pickup.
The Gladiator was a refreshing look at Willys long in the tooth, but still in production pickup truck. The Gladiator was a successful attempt by Kaiser to freshen up their offerings. Introduced in 1963 alongside the revolutionary Wagoneer, arguably the grandfather of modern SUVs, it was a tough and good looking pickup.  It was powered by the same offering as the Wagoneer, the also brand new 230 OHC Tornado. By 1965 it was offered with an optional V-8, the Vigilante 327 that gave it a horsepower bump and a big jump in torque.
The Glad was available as the J-200, a 120 inch wheelbase one ton pickup in a standard pickup and bed combo (the ‘Townside’) and many variations such as a step side ‘Thriftside,’ a stripped down chassis only, stakeside and flatbed options. It was also offered as the J-300, a 126 inch wheelbase with the possibility of a dually rear.
Any way you ordered it was and continues to be a great looking truck. I had the distinct honor of test driving a ’69 a few years back with the Dauntless V-8 350 and it was a beast! This brochure is a beaut as well and one that was sent out to a German speaking audience. And in case you were wondering... the tagline “Gladiator ist Ansehnlich und Ausdauernd!” translates to “good looking and rugged!” Yep!
Come back next week when I plan on continuing the look into the Lov2xlr8 brochures. In the meanwhile if you like the look of these trucks check out my latest t-shirt designs now for sale in our online store.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014- Website Finds- Jalopy Journal And The H.A.M.B.

I’m glad to finally be back with a regular Sunday update! Sorry about last week, but thanks for understanding. I don’t usually get sick too easily or often, but my wife, two sons and I were laid low last week with this bug that was going around. We’re all on the mend now. I give my thanks to Robitussin and antibiotics.
Today I wanted to cover another website find. I think that it has gone around the usual channels a few times of the random and previously undiscovered vintage jeep photos that can be found at the Jalopy Journal. The Jalopy Journal is a website dedicated to “spreading the gospel of traditional hot rods and customs to hoodlums worldwide.” I love it. I’ve always had a soft spot for hot rods and old builds and ironically enough their forum which is called the H.A.M.B. (short for the Hokey Ass Message Board!) has been a source for oft overlooked jeep photos. A good example is the thumb at the top, a random CJ spotted on an Atlanta street corner.
The source of these finds has been one thread in particular which among online forums has lived an epic life- the “Vintage Shots From Days Gone By” thread that began back in December of 2009, nearly five years ago now compiling an astounding number of  submitted and found photos, including alot of jeep shots. I’ve been combing through this thread for months now and its always interesting, shots from the turn of the century to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and up. You just don’t know what you’re going to find next. And at some 4,500 pages as of this morning, well, it’ll take you awhile to get through! Check out what I’ve found thus far in the Website Finds album here and some of my favorites below. I’m not sure what I’ll be up to next week, but come on back for more of the best of the jeep since 1940!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014- We’re Back!

Hello again everyone! is back. I’m really thrilled to be posting updates to the site once again. For everyone who may not have known, I had to spend the last six months or so rebuilding the site. Back in October the hard drive on my laptop failed. I didn’t have a complete backup (but luckily had a partial back up...). It was a hard lesson to learn, but an important one. I lost alot of info, some of it I was able to retrieve and find once more, but some is irreplaceably gone. But like I said, it was a lesson and onwards and upwards!
Alot happened in the last six months and I wanted to fill readers in on what I have planned. I may have a big announcement to make soon. Back when this mess began I had something in the works that was put on a back burner. I still don’t want to say too much about it, but its an exciting idea that I haven’t seen before. I think that everyone would be pretty jazzed by it too. Now that I’m a bit more free and clear I’m going to go back and try to rework this idea. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I had a few interesting emails as well. One from the son of the incredibly talented LIFE magazine staff photographer Myron Davis, whose work I’ve profiled in the LIFE photo archive. Glenn Davis wrote:

“Dear Brendan T. Burke,
I am Glenn Davis, the oldest son of Myron Davis, whose LIFE photos you have in the LIFE archive section. I was surprised how much biographical information you had on him and that it had been updated through his death four years ago. Thank you for preserving this history.
The email below was sent to family and friends and has corrections/explanations of the information you have listed for him. You may want to make corrections. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.”

I’ve also been working on reworking the site to look more homogenous from page to page. The site is so large that over the years that I’ve been creating it, it has gone through several evolutions and as a result, some details here and there were different as I had forgotten a particular font or font size that I had previously used on another page. Its just some basic cleaning up, but I’m still working and will be for awhile yet, though most of the major stuff is finished. I still need to upload and tinker here so  you may see a few broken links or oddball things. If you do or if you have a suggestion to make, please feel free to email me I love to hear from you guys and anything that you may spot that I haven’t really helps me greatly!
I still have many ideas for future articles that I’m working on and you should see over the course of the year. I’ve accrued enough additional photos and info for a sequel to the hardtop article that I wrote last year. The various forms that people had ‘civilianized’ and modernized the jeep is still something that fascinates me. I also had an idea for a ‘where are they now?’ sort of article detailing what’s left of Willys, Kaiser and AMC and their legacies. It surprised me how much still exists even if in a ‘fossilized’ legacy.
There are alot of miscellaneous things that I have in the works. I have a ton of stuff to share with you guys that I’ve found online in more Website Finds. Most of it is stuff that I have never before seen on the web. I want to hold another drawing and giveaway for you too. There are plenty of designs that I’m working on for new tees and a new calendar for next year in the Zazzle marketplace. One of the biggest disappointments that I had with the hard drive failure was that I wasn’t able to put together a calendar for this year after three years running. But 2015 will see a new calendar.
There are two sections of the site that are long term projects. One is a jeep manual section where you will be able to browse through and download free and publicly available government produced jeep manuals mainly for the military models. Its a big section and so its takes up alot of memory on the site and has always been one of the things that was put off until later just because of the sheer volume of time involved in putting it together. The second part of the site is something that you may have noticed in the navigation menu at the top. Its a ghost of a page that I accidentally uploaded before it was even begun. I’m going to put together a new section of the site that details info on the jeep from the beginning, a sort of a jeep spotter guide plus much more. Photos for IDing models, history, details, variants, international models, etc. Its another big idea and it’ll take me some time to get it together.
Lastly, I want to say thanks for everyone’s patience. Its taken me a long time to get back to here. I had some minor family health stuff to deal with as well as just plain tapping away here on the laptop. But now I’m back and hope to get to fairly regular weekly updates. Its great to be back and thanks again! Brendan

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Commando And Wagoneer Dealer Brochures From 1966

You’ve heard of the best laid plans of mice and men, right? Things are going alot slower this morning than I thought that they would. But this works to your advantage. I’m going to extend the Montana-Overland gift certificate giveaway by another day to not only allow myself the time to put together another short video, but to give you guys one more day to enter. All you have to do is like our Facebook page if you don’t already and post in the thread that contains the video from last week and you’ll be entered! Simple as that. You want another couple of chances? Subscribe to my channel on You Tube and/or follow me on Twitter. If you do, let me know in the post where you follow and I’ll give you another entry for each way that you keep up with us.
This week check out the three Commando and Wagoneer brochures that I spotted on, an automotive website that is dedicated to advertising and brochures. The site has seemed to be down for the last few weeks. Not sure what is happening there, but it was pretty incredible. These three date from 1966 and show off the transition from workhorse to fun loving plaything that Kaiser was working on for the jeep. Check out the great mid-60’s tongue in cheek ‘hipness’ of these brochures. They are sure to appeal to all you swingers out there. I also found it interesting that the Wagoneer brochure states that you could equip it with the ‘high torque 6’ 232 engine- the very one and the same produced by and used in AMC vehicles starting in 1964. And of course, the same engine that AMC would equip the jeep with under their ownership five years later. Click here to view the entire brochures.
Come back next week when I’ll have more from the world of the jeep. I also plan on holding another two giveaways over the coming months. I want to hold one in November and another for December. Hope that everyone has a great weekend and check in tomorrow when I’ll announce the winner of the Montana Overland gift certificate.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Montana Overland Giveaway

I had planned upon presenting some more brochures today, but this short video was pretty time intensive and so I want to fill you guys in on the new giveaway from and Montana Overland. George at Montana Overland generously gave out a $25 gift certificate to us and we’ll be conducting a random drawing for it next Sunday. In order to enter, ‘like’ our Facebook page if you haven’t already and reply in the thread on our page. You’ll also get an additional entry if you subscribe to us on YouTube or follow us onTwitter. Just make sure that you post in the thread if you also follow us on YouTube or Twitter along with your screen name if it isn’t obvious that its you.
Next week we’ll do a random draw of a name from all the entries received and award the G.C. I do also hope to bring you more brochures as there alot of really great vintage ones that I’ve found. Please share this with your friends and thanks again for all of your support! I really do want a large selection of names to draw from! I plan on holding more giveaways over the next couple of months! Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

1962 ‘Jeep’ Dealer Brochures

Today there are three gems to be had via As I had said last week during my search for anything jeep on the web I stumbled across a vast online collection of automobile ads and brochures at Lov2xlr8... and there were plenty of jeep gems including these three that date from 1962 (or maybe thereabouts...). There is a full lineup brochure, one for the new Gladiator pickup and perhaps an early one for the Wagoneer that was introduced in 1963. They are really great examples of early 1960’s advertising design as well, colorful and vibrant, capitalizing on the spirit of the new decade while retaining the optimism of the 1950’s. I love these brochures, they really are beautiful and provide a nice glimpse into the Kaiser Jeep mindset of diversifying and modernizing their lineup.
The year 1962 also marked the start of the use of the 230 cu. inch overhead cam Tornado engine. It was an advanced engine for the time and the only overhead cam engine in use in the states at the time. It replaced the long in the tooth 226 Super Hurricane 6. The Tornado was capable of 210 ft. pounds of torque all at low RPMs and 140 horsepower. The 230 was developed under the supervision of Achilles ‘Sammy’ Sampietro the new chief engineer fresh from Europe for Kaiser Jeep. It was also one of the most fuel efficient engines of its day. Together with the new straight six, these two new models spearheaded the thrust into a new era for Jeep. The 230 fell out of favor after a few years however being plagued by oil leakage and other reliability issues, but was continued in Argentina by IKA, the South American arm of Kaiser Industries. You can read a bit more about the Tornado here. You can click here to view all of the brochures.
Speaking of the Gladiator and Wagoneer I would also like to welcome aboard our newest sponsor here at, the Montana Overland Jeep Ranch! George began Montana Overland as a hobby at first but was lucky and knowledgeable enough that he turned it into a thriving business. He specializes in parts, accessories and even whole jeeps from 1946 to 1988. He carries parts for wagons, trucks, Wagoneers, Cherokees, Comanches and Grand Cherokees. George says that he is always willing to talk shop so give him a call today if you’re looking for that hard to find item for your jeep. Contact him @ 1-406-741-5337. Lets give him a great big welcome and say thank you for helping to keep the dream alive!
Come back next week for more brochures (and hopefully the ‘Where Are They Now?’ article the following week). Also in honor of our new sponsor I’ll announce a new giveaway next week, but you’ll only be able to enter if you’re a fan of our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, like us on Facebook and tell your friends!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ound Brochures And Ads From

Last summer I was searching the internet for far flung references or photos of the jeep in places where you wouldn’t expect to find them. The result of that time spent in front of the computer screen other than eye strain and a significantly reduced amount of hard drive space was the amazing Its an afficionado site for afficionados of all kinds of cars. I don’t think that I’ve seen a larger collection of assorted auto brochures and ads stored anywhere else online. And the best thing about them is that most are scanned at a decent resolution and are easily downloaded. So I searched for jeep and jeeps did I turn up!
I found a ton of stuff that took me awhile to collect. I’m starting today with some of the more random and assorted stuff like the CJ3-B ad, the early pickup truck and wagon brochures and I also found four more of the ‘Two Cities’ ads. I’ll be bringing more of what I found right here in the following months. Click on thumbnails above to be taken to their albums.
I was planning upon presenting the ‘Where Are They Now?’ article that I mentioned last week, but with more overtime yesterday and a decent start on the research I found that it will take a bit more time to give you guys a decent read. So it can wait for a week or three depending upon how much time I find. I’m also hoping to finish up a few more ideas that I’ve had for articles soon.
Thinking about Xmas gifts early? Well, for the jeep lover in your life check out my online store for one of a kind gifts that have been designed by yours truly. I hope to have a slew of even more new designs coming soon for the holidays. But in the meantime check out the newest right here. I work with vintage images and photos that would make a great present for anyone who appreciates the legacy of the mighty jeep! Come back next week for more!