Sunday, September 29, 2013

1962 ‘Jeep’ Dealer Brochures

Today there are three gems to be had via As I had said last week during my search for anything jeep on the web I stumbled across a vast online collection of automobile ads and brochures at Lov2xlr8... and there were plenty of jeep gems including these three that date from 1962 (or maybe thereabouts...). There is a full lineup brochure, one for the new Gladiator pickup and perhaps an early one for the Wagoneer that was introduced in 1963. They are really great examples of early 1960’s advertising design as well, colorful and vibrant, capitalizing on the spirit of the new decade while retaining the optimism of the 1950’s. I love these brochures, they really are beautiful and provide a nice glimpse into the Kaiser Jeep mindset of diversifying and modernizing their lineup.
The year 1962 also marked the start of the use of the 230 cu. inch overhead cam Tornado engine. It was an advanced engine for the time and the only overhead cam engine in use in the states at the time. It replaced the long in the tooth 226 Super Hurricane 6. The Tornado was capable of 210 ft. pounds of torque all at low RPMs and 140 horsepower. The 230 was developed under the supervision of Achilles ‘Sammy’ Sampietro the new chief engineer fresh from Europe for Kaiser Jeep. It was also one of the most fuel efficient engines of its day. Together with the new straight six, these two new models spearheaded the thrust into a new era for Jeep. The 230 fell out of favor after a few years however being plagued by oil leakage and other reliability issues, but was continued in Argentina by IKA, the South American arm of Kaiser Industries. You can read a bit more about the Tornado here. You can click here to view all of the brochures.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

ound Brochures And Ads From

Last summer I was searching the internet for far flung references or photos of the jeep in places where you wouldn’t expect to find them. The result of that time spent in front of the computer screen other than eye strain and a significantly reduced amount of hard drive space was the amazing Its an afficionado site for afficionados of all kinds of cars. I don’t think that I’ve seen a larger collection of assorted auto brochures and ads stored anywhere else online. And the best thing about them is that most are scanned at a decent resolution and are easily downloaded. So I searched for jeep and jeeps did I turn up!
I found a ton of stuff that took me awhile to collect. I’m starting today with some of the more random and assorted stuff like the CJ3-B ad, the early pickup truck and wagon brochures and I also found four more of the ‘Two Cities’ ads. I’ll be bringing more of what I found right here in the following months. Click on thumbnails above to be taken to their albums.
I was planning upon presenting the ‘Where Are They Now?’ article that I mentioned last week, but with more overtime yesterday and a decent start on the research I found that it will take a bit more time to give you guys a decent read. So it can wait for a week or three depending upon how much time I find. I’m also hoping to finish up a few more ideas that I’ve had for articles soon.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post-War Jobs For The Jeep From The Pages of Popular Mechanics

Today I want to go back briefly to the archives of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science via the ever useful Google Books. I still have a stack of articles and ads, but a few in particular are the most interesting to me. The diverse jobs that the jeep had performed in the post-war period of America were really ingenious. Willys-Overland marketed the jeep as the do-all vehicle for anything under the sun. And it was. It was marketed fas the tool for everything from a around the town grocery getter to the farm and business vehicle. One day it could be out cutting grass for a landscaper and the next it could haul feed to farm animals. But the pages of Pop Mech/Sci showed the true ingenuity that people applied to the faithful jeep.
You can check out every idea from Hollywood to the race track to patrolling the grounds of Los Alamos and its nuclear secrets to a golf ball retriever right here. Sorry that this is a pretty short update today. I worked some overtime yesterday so I didn’t have alot of time to do much background research. I have a couple of ideas for articles that will find their way here soon. If I can find the time to write it I have an idea for a sort of ‘where are they now?’ piece that I’m excited about.
Come back next week when there will be more from the ever expanding world of the jeep and its illustrious history. Thanks again for everyone’s truly overwhelming response to our last giveaway. I will be holding another soon! Make sure that you are a fan of our Facebook page and subscribe to onTwitter for the latest details. See you next week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 2013 Calendar- September

The September page in the 2013 calendar features ‘Webfoot,’ the name given to an MB. According to the caption, ‘Webfoot’ was a welding jeep and the boys were out getting some ice for their beer. Well, these guys were up for some fun and the jeep would help them accomplish just that. The photo has some neat elements and the first thing that you notice besides the striking background (the seller believed it to be Alaska...) was the hardtop. It resembles many a military commissioned ‘Arctic Top’ with the shape of the doors and the slant of the two sectioned roof as well as the sliding glass window. Problem with that is that the ‘Arctic Top’ wasn’t produced until 1950 and saw use in Korea for the M38. Could this be stateside somewhere and the boys had adapted the ‘arctic top’ for the MB/GPW?
Second of all is the fact that its a welding jeep. On board welders saw use in the European theater as seen in the May 1945 Popular Science article, “Fighting Welders Work Battle-Line Miracles.” General Electric also teamed up with the jeep post-war in Willys advertising blitz aimed at hyping the civilian CJ as a work vehicle as seen in a 1949 ad. But wherever the guys were working they were planning on working hard and then playing hard. Keeping that in mind the Labor Day holiday  of last week was why I chose this photo for the September page. Hope that yours was a good one and that you played as hard as you work! Keep in mind that the 2013 calendar is still available as well as many new items. You can see them here. Recently Zazzle changed their supplier for all of their iPhone and iPod cases and so all of my old designs were automatically imported and used on the new case manufacturer. I still need to go through and fine tune them and weed some out. So if you’re in the market for a case, stay tuned, new designs are coming! Come back next week for more of the legendary jeep!
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Since its the holiday weekend and I’m wrapping up my busy vacation with a bit more around the house chores and projects, I’m throwing myself a soft pitch today. This Hood ice cream cup lid is sure to bring back memories of summer for any of us grown up kids. Back during the war Hood like many other companies took advantage of the public’s patriotism by offering special give aways and promotions centered around America’s fighting forces. For twelve of these Hood dixie cup lids returned to them you got a collection of 24 of America’s fighting vehicles of ‘jeeps,’ motorcycles and trucks. Cool! In more ways than one. I’m sure this was an incentive for kids to eat even more ice cream! And yep, like the jeep, Hood is still around. You can see the full size photos here.
I’ve also finished up a bunch of new Zazzle designs in the online store. Check them outhere. I’ve made five new designs that are on mugs, tees and as soon as I finish listing them next, water bottles because while summer may be over, the heat isn’t necessarily done with us! I hope that you’re enjoying the long weekend and that you have the weekend off (or at least Monday...) off! Come back next week!