Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post-War Jobs For The Jeep From The Pages of Popular Mechanics

Today I want to go back briefly to the archives of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science via the ever useful Google Books. I still have a stack of articles and ads, but a few in particular are the most interesting to me. The diverse jobs that the jeep had performed in the post-war period of America were really ingenious. Willys-Overland marketed the jeep as the do-all vehicle for anything under the sun. And it was. It was marketed fas the tool for everything from a around the town grocery getter to the farm and business vehicle. One day it could be out cutting grass for a landscaper and the next it could haul feed to farm animals. But the pages of Pop Mech/Sci showed the true ingenuity that people applied to the faithful jeep.
You can check out every idea from Hollywood to the race track to patrolling the grounds of Los Alamos and its nuclear secrets to a golf ball retriever right here. Sorry that this is a pretty short update today. I worked some overtime yesterday so I didn’t have alot of time to do much background research. I have a couple of ideas for articles that will find their way here soon. If I can find the time to write it I have an idea for a sort of ‘where are they now?’ piece that I’m excited about.
Come back next week when there will be more from the ever expanding world of the jeep and its illustrious history. Thanks again for everyone’s truly overwhelming response to our last giveaway. I will be holding another soon! Make sure that you are a fan of our Facebook page and subscribe to onTwitter for the latest details. See you next week!

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