Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Since its the holiday weekend and I’m wrapping up my busy vacation with a bit more around the house chores and projects, I’m throwing myself a soft pitch today. This Hood ice cream cup lid is sure to bring back memories of summer for any of us grown up kids. Back during the war Hood like many other companies took advantage of the public’s patriotism by offering special give aways and promotions centered around America’s fighting forces. For twelve of these Hood dixie cup lids returned to them you got a collection of 24 of America’s fighting vehicles of ‘jeeps,’ motorcycles and trucks. Cool! In more ways than one. I’m sure this was an incentive for kids to eat even more ice cream! And yep, like the jeep, Hood is still around. You can see the full size photos here.
I’ve also finished up a bunch of new Zazzle designs in the online store. Check them outhere. I’ve made five new designs that are on mugs, tees and as soon as I finish listing them next, water bottles because while summer may be over, the heat isn’t necessarily done with us! I hope that you’re enjoying the long weekend and that you have the weekend off (or at least Monday...) off! Come back next week!

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