Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 2013 Calendar- September

The September page in the 2013 calendar features ‘Webfoot,’ the name given to an MB. According to the caption, ‘Webfoot’ was a welding jeep and the boys were out getting some ice for their beer. Well, these guys were up for some fun and the jeep would help them accomplish just that. The photo has some neat elements and the first thing that you notice besides the striking background (the seller believed it to be Alaska...) was the hardtop. It resembles many a military commissioned ‘Arctic Top’ with the shape of the doors and the slant of the two sectioned roof as well as the sliding glass window. Problem with that is that the ‘Arctic Top’ wasn’t produced until 1950 and saw use in Korea for the M38. Could this be stateside somewhere and the boys had adapted the ‘arctic top’ for the MB/GPW?
Second of all is the fact that its a welding jeep. On board welders saw use in the European theater as seen in the May 1945 Popular Science article, “Fighting Welders Work Battle-Line Miracles.” General Electric also teamed up with the jeep post-war in Willys advertising blitz aimed at hyping the civilian CJ as a work vehicle as seen in a 1949 ad. But wherever the guys were working they were planning on working hard and then playing hard. Keeping that in mind the Labor Day holiday  of last week was why I chose this photo for the September page. Hope that yours was a good one and that you played as hard as you work! Keep in mind that the 2013 calendar is still available as well as many new items. You can see them here. Recently Zazzle changed their supplier for all of their iPhone and iPod cases and so all of my old designs were automatically imported and used on the new case manufacturer. I still need to go through and fine tune them and weed some out. So if you’re in the market for a case, stay tuned, new designs are coming! Come back next week for more of the legendary jeep!
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