Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014- Website Finds- The LA Times

Today we’ll have a short, but sweet update as I’m still working on the voluminous amount of material in the Toledo Lucas Library collection. Plus, I did promise you guys and gals an update. The LA Times is a pretty respected newspaper and has been since 1881 accumulating a grand total of 41 Pulitzer prizes. So in all that time its not at all surprising that a photo of a jeep or three has raced its pages and have been seen through the eyes of its photojournalists. Through the power of the internet, these images and thousands more are available through the LA Times’ photography blog, Framework, which is described as....

“Framework, the photography and video blog of the Los Angeles Times, celebrates the power and explores the craft of visual storytelling. The blog highlights the work of Times photojournalists who frame by frame, document the drama, the emotion and sometimes the humor of life. Framework also aims to serve as a resource hub for photography, multimedia and video enthusiasts who share our passion.”

Today, we have five of those images. The first are a series of desert training photos with Major General Patton in the desert of California in April 1942. In them you can see MBs as well as many left over Ford GPs and Willys MAs that were widely used stateside during the war. The next photo, which features a script tub Willys MB, is from a sad chapter in America’s history- the internment of Japanese- Americans in 1942.  Finally, a 1948photo of a CJ2-A that was being used to spray DDT in Santa Monica as part of an insect control program. Enjoy these and click here to see the entire album of photos and come back in two weeks when I hope to have a fuller update of the Images In Time collection. I won’t be in town next week so unfortunately I won’t be able to get to it then. In the meanwhile try to stay warm out there!

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