Sunday, May 22, 2011

The LIFE Magazine Photo Archive

Ever since I found the wealth of images hosted by Google of the treasure trove of photos produced by LIFE magazine photographers over the years, I’ve wanted to post them here. Today I’ve begun to do just that. There is a large number of vintage photos that were produced by LIFE photojournalists featuring the jeep, everything from the jeep caravan shown here in this first installment to prototype photos to the thousands of WW2 photos of the jeep in the field to early civilian photos.

I’m grouping them according to photographer along with any info that I can find on the event as well as a short bio of the photographer.

While I had found many of the photos previous to these from various forum postings (many from, I had not seen this particular lot before I found it courtesy Off Road Wes Kibble is a heck of a nice guy and has a knack for digging up the most impressive bunch of images from the off roading world. Wes, in turn had found these images from eWillys is an extensive listing of jeep classifieds, history, writeups, projects and tidbits that you just won’t find anywhere else! Dave Eilers, the webmaster over at eWillys must be one of the hardest working guys out there.

Stay tuned as I plan on really plumping up this section of the website soon! Click here to be taken to the photo archive. Thanks again to Dave and Wes for the sharp eyes in finding these photos!

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