Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Willys-Overland Paintings, Part Four, James Sessions

Part four in our next to the last entry in the Willys-Overland paintings brings us the last of the James M. Sessions works. Towards the end of the war with plans already well underway to market the civilianized jeep to the world, Willys unleashed another series of paintings by Sessions. These featured not scenes of wartime and fighting that the MB plowed through, but pastoral scenes of the CJ now literally getting ready to plow through its next chores. These were a relief from the constant reminders that we were at war and enabled us as Americans and a part of the greater world that one day soon, peace would come back after our enemies were vanquished. Like one title states, “From Fighter To Farmhand,” many GIs were getting ready for the same transition. Come back next week for one more look at the many ways that Willys-Overland devised to get their message out to the American public and click here\ to view the entire albums of the Willys-Overland paintings. And yeah, its springtime! But its also tax time... But you can still enjoy a bit of your refund and save when you enter the code: TAXDAYSAVING at checkout to save 10.40% off ALL orders! Its the 1040EZ Discount! Hurry, it ends Tuesday! Find our store here.

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