Saturday, May 26, 2012

The 2012 Calendar- April

With this Memorial Day weekend we come back to regular weekly updates. Today we need to come back to the 2012 calendar page for April, which in the tumult of family life and getting a garden in and work, etc... I just plain forgot about. I loved this picture though I cannot really explain it. Its just a funny, what? I did that? sort of pic that I felt fit in well with the idea of April and April Fool’s Day. In any case its a US Navy stenciled MB as well. Maybe he was just discharged and was proving that he could still drive a jeep no hands? Tomorrow I’ll be back with a special email that I received from a fan and don’t forget that even though we are into the year, you can still order a 2012 calendar! Thanks for hanging there while I was (and still am...) updating the site. Its taken me awhile. there is alot of work that needs to be by virtual ‘hand’ and so its been a bit of a slog. I hope to finish up with 99% of it by the end of the weekend. As I keep saying there’s alot new to come here, so stay tuned!

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