Sunday, January 27, 2013

Website Finds, History Link 101

I stumbled across History Link 101 awhile ago and have enjoyed it immensely. It features hundreds if not thousands of historical royalty free photos online meant to be used for research and as an educational tool. I can identify with that as that is part of my stated intention for starting If you like old military oriented photos, this site is a gem! I hadn’t been back for a few months now, but pleasantly surprised by a nice stockpile of photos from the the Battle of the Bulge. There’s something for most people here and definitely something for jeep lovers. Alot of photos from Follow Me Jeeps in color to an MB outfitted in 1952 for fire fighting duty are things that I had never before seen.
But History Link 101 isn’t only military oriented. It was started by world history public school teacher, Eric Rymer as an educational resource for teachers and as such covers all sorts of topics from ancient cultures to modern and short lessons.
You can check out the full album here and come back next week for more!

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  1. i like the yellow military Jeep nice color indeed. This is history of the beginning of Jeep creations and am impressed to see all this photos.