Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CJ-5 and Scrambler Desktop Wallpapers

For today’s entry I decided to bookend two seasons since we are in spring and are pretty much still square in the middle of things. Here in Maine spring has been famous for being a time of split results weather-wise. It is just as likely to snow as it is to rain, as likely to be 50 degrees as 20 and this spring has been a pretty typical one.

The two photos above span from 1971 to 1982. The first photo features the Renegade II package from 1971. It was the first new trim dress up package for the new acquisition by AMC and featured body striping, a roll bar and tachometer, but freezing model in a mini-dress was not included as standard equipment.

The next photo is of the venerable but short lived CJ-8 Scrambler from 1982 the second year of production in its short life.

As always you can click here for the press photo album. Thanks to for the free downloads. You can also find other classic press photos as well new model and test prototypes. Check them out and I bet you’ll change your desktop background today!

With this entry I’ll have to keep you hanging for a little bit. There won’t be anything new for a while as I’ll be on vacation for the next two weeks until the beginning of May. When I get back I plan on continuing revamping the website with a new look and functionality. Thanks again for everyone’s patience as I think that it will take me the greater part of this year to finish. We’ll have lots more great jeep photos, ads, brochures coming soon this year too. I have more press photos, a large Jeep Cavalcade ‘project’ that I think you’ll enjoy and another large project that I have envisioned as a jeep family tree. Still rounding up items and info for it but I plan on unveiling it this year. I also have ideas for more items in the Zazzle store including iPhone and iPad covers! Keep checking back in and I promise that there will be plenty to see this year!

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