Friday, April 1, 2011

The 2011 Calendar- April

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! And since it is April and the season for practical jokes the April page of the 2011 calendar features a couple of the lighter sides of living with the jeep.

“Monkey Business” was taken by a GI who just couldn’t resist the temptation to goof around with his buddies and the jeep outside of the Supply depot for the 53rd Station hospital. At least that is if I’m reading the sign correctly. I’m sure that this wasn’t the first time that these guys tried something like this to try to get their CO to buy a sick leave story.

The remaining photo is of a sign hanging from a tree that shows the danger of hitting a crater in the road while driving along in your jeep. Along with having no seat belts driving in a small open topped jeep, made it no joke if you hit a shell hole in the road. It could lead at the very least to a good bounce (and maybe as the picture shows, out of the jeep) and sometimes worse than that. The very thin padding in an MB’s seat was the main cause of complaint for no small number of GI’s who quite literally thought that this was a pain in the butt. I can’t remember the name that it was given by the Army but it was christened something like ‘jeepitus’ or the jeep complaint. But knowing GIs it was probably something a bit saltier than that.

The background of the calendar page though, is perhaps the best practical joke of them all!

You can click here to view the full album of calendar pages. Or you can simply order the calendar for yourself through the store which is available through Zazzle, one of the largest online custom product marketplaces. You can also find the individual photos in the These Old Jeep Photos album of MB photos.

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