Sunday, March 27, 2011

The 2011 Calendar- March

Finally, for this month, we have two photos of what else? Guys loving the time spent in the saddle of their jeeps. The top photo comes to us from Arizona, but unfortunately, I have no other information on it, just a guy out doing some yard work in his MB Once again it belongs in the files of maybe someone out there knows who these men are?

The bottom photo is of two men that I can speculate was taken in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan as the license plate shows that it was registered there in 1949. But the interesting things about it is the given name of the 2A... “Santa Maria.” No word on whether the Nina or the Pinta were nearby.

One final note, being an amateur collector of beer bottles, I am curious about the bottle that one of them is holding. I cannot really get enough of it in the scan to identify. Perhaps someone out there has an idea?

You can click here to be taken to the album containing the rest of the pages which will be revealed here one by one over the months of 2011. Check out the Zazzle marketplace for lots more jeep related goods including the 2011 calendar for the jeep lover in your life. More is to come soon!

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