Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Goof That Laid The Golden Egg- Argosy Magazine Illustration

Today’s entry comes in the form of a two page illustration from the October 1955 issue of Argosy magazine, a pulp magazine geared towards men’s interests that we have highlighted before for a cover illustration featuring a jeep.

The illustration is a dynamic and well laid out design of a GI taking a tumble from a jeep before landing upon the pursuing MP. “The Goof That Laid The Golden Egg” is a typical example of the kind of articles found in Argosy, light comic/ drama and the true story that filled the pages and attracted many a man to sustain a publication of nearly 100 years!

The illustration was done by a well respected comic and commercial artist, Jack Hearne. Though he seems to have led a sad existence in the latter stages of his life, he was a talented illustrator who worked from the fields of comics to the auto industry. You can find a Flickr stream of his work here as well as a short tribute to him here. You can click here to view the album of illustrations.

Coming next week I plan on showing off many new photos that I have published in’s 2011 calendar available from Zazzle. It’s still available for sale and not too late to get a neat one of a kind calendar for your wall featuring nothing but original never before seen photos of what else? Jeeps! Until then enjoy your weekend!

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