Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 2011 Calendar- January

I’ve wanted to show off the pages of the 2011 calendar from Zazzle for awhile now, but unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle. So this weekend I’d like to try to make up for it by covering the first three months and from there on we’ll go over a page a month. You can click here to view the album containing the pages.

These photos are mainly ones that have not been found in the pages of prior to the calendar so there’s plenty to see. starting off with January however we have two photos that have appeared before but are such perfect winter photos that they had to show up here. As is the case with so many photos that you find the subjects and locations and circumstances are anonymous or contain one little tidbit. The man and the boy standing near the CJ and the photo of the MB near a hunting (?) camp along with the Ford (?) pickup are tantalizing pieces in a puzzle that the jeep formed worldwide over its history and that continues today. Make up your own stories about the photos. I know that I already have.

And don’t forget that you can still buy the calendar from Zazzle, an online marketplace that you can find a huge variety of items from t-shirts, to caps, bumper stickers, mouse pads. I am going to work on refreshing the store soon and have new products, new t-shirts, new caps and more! And coming soon, iPhone and iPad cases featuring your favorite little workhorse, the jeep!

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