Sunday, March 13, 2011

1948 Collier’s Magazine Station Wagon Ad

When you think of the jeep, and in particular, the early jeep, most people think of the rugged, hard working dirty faced little companion that endured a war and trucked on through post war America by not being afraid of getting its tires muddy. But there was another side of the market exemplified in this ad that Willys Overland appealed to. This ad comes from a 1948 copy of the women’s magazine Collier’s and it shows that the Willys wagon was also built to enjoy the less rugged side of civilian life.

At this time, the 463 and the flat head six “Lightning” equipped 663 wagons were strictly two- wheel drive until the following year and perfect for a trip around town. With it’s “luxuriously appointed interior with arm rests front and rear, 3 ash trays and 2 dome lights,” it was still certainly spartan compared with today’s modern SUV, but it showed itself to still be a full blooded jeep.

To see the full sized ad you can click here to view the ad along with other vintage station wagon ads.

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