Saturday, March 19, 2011

EC Comics' Two Fisted Tales

Thanks for hanging in there, folks! Today we have a reprint of an EC Comics original that I was lucky to have stumbled across. It’s a reprint of the September/October 1951 issue of “Two Fisted Tales.” “TFT” was brought out by William Gaines’ EC Comics in 1950 and was part of a lineup including The Vault Of Horror and Tales From The Crypt comics. It stayed true to theme of telling a short but compelling little story that often relied heavily on irony, the unexpected and characters getting their just desserts in a morality play. The artwork for the cover and the first story “Death Stand” was done by the exceptional 1950’s comic book artist and illustrator, Jack Davis. Davis was also one of the original artists for Mad magazine and EC Comics when he had found his niche in freelance work after a stint in the Navy.

I remember reading and enjoying many of Davis’ unique stories in both Mad and these EC reprints both when I was a boy and even now as an adult.

They still hold up and I thought you may enjoy these few pages too. While the jeep is an inherent part of the story it’s main focus wasn’t entirely on the jeep itself. But these few pages show that Davis could draw a decent MB (even though he gets the slot count for the grill wrong, 11 and 12 slots in two different panels...). Oh well, it’s more important that he didn’t draw it to look like a CJ in olive drab!

You can click here to be taken directly to the album and see the rest of the pages. Check back tomorrow for another magazine article from 1952!

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