Sunday, February 27, 2011

Three Photos With Stories To Tell

Or at least I’m sure that they do, if only I knew what they were. I like these three photos as they leave alot to the imagination, as it seems that the original stories are long since lost. But the charm of collecting old photos and especially those that are of jeeps or have jeeps in them is that you can always construct a story that fits them. The first photo is set at Bushkill Falls, otherwise known as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania according to the sign on the bumper. In the Poconos, it still operates hiking trails and concession stands today. The handwritten message on the back states that Kay and Mary Jeanne have found the “promised land” in July 1946. The MB appears to have been a part of the attractions. It would be great if it still were.

The next photo shows a 2A or 3A parked alongside a country road near a farm. I love the very unusual hard top, maybe a custom made model? I’d love to know the area where it was shot. It reminds me alot of the area of the upstate New York Mohawk Valley where I grew up.

And finally the bottom photo shows what I am guessing is an open topped jeep speeding alongside of a field with only its shadow showing passing through the high weeds. It may not even be a jeep, but its nice to think so and look forward to nicer summer weather that was made for cruising along in a jeep.

You can click here to view these photos and many more in separate albums according to model.

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