Friday, February 4, 2011

A Miscellaneous Friday Photo

Today, I have a miscellaneous photo to tide you over until Sunday. Its a neat buddy photo, two guys hanging out, probably late or post-war Europe with the ever-present jeep in the background. According to what I could find for the GI on the left, his shoulder insignia denotes a technician, 5th grade, not a corporal as I had first suspected. Apparently the “Tec-5” denoted a specialty of some kind or the other and they were to be addressed as “corporal,” but did not have the authority to command as a corporal did. Perhaps his specialty had something to do with the jeep?

More neat details are the hardtop and fender skirts that you saw somewhat often in liberated Europe, especially in the northern climes. You can see the snow in the background, so it’s cold out there. I can only guess what the hand painted word is on the windshield frame. It begins “EDIT,” but what could have followed? Any ideas out there?

You can click here to be taken to the full album of photos of other MB’s.

Look for an update on Sunday of two early post-war “Popular Science” articles.

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