Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jeep Operation Data Brochure

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Today we have a brochure to share that most likely dates from the period of 1949 until possibly as late as 1953 as the jeeps shown off in the brochure are CJ3-As. Its representative of the factory advertising of the day when Willys-Overland was still heavily into showing off the farming, agricultural and industrial abilities of the jeep lineup. The brochure is filled with technical specifications, charts and reasons why the farmer as well as business owners of the day should choose a jeep over a tractor or another truck. It’s typical of the emphasis on land stewardship when, after a major war we as a country focussed upon not only helping to rebuild a world torn apart by world war but on our own booming economy and the new opportunities in this country. Click here to view the album of the full brochure!

Happy Independence Day weekend to everyone!

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