Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet The Blitz Buggy, The Quack And Penguin

Dating from October 13, 1943, the article “Meet The Blitz Buggy, The Quack And Penguin” appeared in The War Illustrated and introduced the British public to the wonder of the new jeep that was beginning to find fame across the world. The article includes many of the often heard soldierly vignettes about their love of the jeep as well as the Briticism(?) of referring to the DUCKW as a “Quack”! It’s a nice little find and insight into the common adoration that Allied armies across the world had for the jeep.

There are also a number of pages that include photos from the Invasion of Italy that feature the jeep always in a prominent place during the operation. I hope that you enjoy this little seen magazine and you can click on the thumbnail to view the rest of the pages.

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