Sunday, August 21, 2011

These Old Jeep Events- 1959 Jeep Cavalcade

In August 1959, the first inaugural ‘Rush to the Rockies’ took place beginning in Ouray, Colorado. The trip took place over three days taking in the four towns of Ouray, Telluride, Lake City and Silverton via mountain passes and stunning scenery. Nicknamed the “Switzerland of America” the San Juan Rockies in Western Colorado were long known as an incredible natural attraction and hosting numerous ghost towns and forgotten mining camps. The Cavalcade coincided with the Centennial of the first settlement (mainly by gold miners...) of what was then three different territories that were to be wrapped up into the territory of Colorado in 1861.

The event was important in jeeping terms as it was one of the first large organized events bringing together jeepers from all over for what must have been one spectacular ride! I’m still not sure if this an event organized by the Hemet Jeep Club of Colorado or was the one photographed by J.R. Eyermann for a LIFE magazine story.

Email me if you have any further clues.

I came across this brochure and separate map from the event some time ago and it fit in with a large project that I have wanted to bring to you for some time now. I plan on unrolling this special project over the upcoming last few weeks of August and wrapping it up by Labor Day weekend. It also gave me the impetus to reveal the newest section of, These Old Jeep Events. If you have any vintage photos of a jeeping event, large or small, it could be your family’s weekend camping trip, please submit them to me and I will host them here for posterity. Stay tuned for lots more coming up over the next couple of weeks! You can view the new section here!

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