Sunday, August 7, 2011

The 2011 Calendar- August

The August page of the 2011 Calendar features two photos of the ubiquitous CJ-5 against a background of it’s military predecessor, the M38A1. The military model debuted in 1953, with the CJ-5 and its now familiar rounded fenders following on its heels with 1954 models announced in the fall of the year. The CJ-5, though offending some of the sensibilities of the flat fender crowd, gradually became probably the second most familiar image that the public get in their mind when thinking of a jeep. They were everywhere and endured and flourished through a near 30 year reign as the 4X4 of the world until 1983. Some 603,000 CJ-5s were produced over the years and they were used everywhere from the August 1967 parade in Cooperstown, NY that George Campbell loaned his jeep to, to a couple posing happily before the CJ-5 that they got “going again!” You can view the full album of CJ pics here.

Hope that you enjoy the calendar which is still available here from our online store. Look forward to a 2012 calendar coming this fall along with new t-shirts and other jeep apparel.

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Check back next week for more of the greatest vehicle ever built!

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