Sunday, January 15, 2012

Willys Wagon And Pickup Truck Brochures

In another example of the wonderful design ethic of the time these two brochures were offered by Kaiser-Willys dealers for their Utility Wagon and Pickup Truck models. I purchased them in the same lot as a number of other brochures from a couple of dealerships in or near Corpus Christi, Texas dating from 1945 to 1976. These two are likely to date from the same year. Based on the styling, they would have to date from somewhere between 1954 and 1959 when the five horizontal bars that were used from 1950 to 53 were reduced to three and just before the one piece windshield made its debut in 1960 in both models. You can click here to view the entire truck brochure or here for the Wagon brochure. The two were being sold as a jack of all trades to as large an audience as possible with everything from farming and small business hauling to a wrecker configuration, a hunting rig, a veterinarian’s vehicle and a rural mail delivery truck as pictured in the front covers. I can imagine the original owner picking up both brochures and dreaming of owning a piece of the American dream in these post-war years. I only hope that he or she had a chance to experience it first-hand. Come back next week for more in honor of the American legend, jeep!

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