Sunday, March 11, 2012

October 1967 For Men Only Magazine

It’s nearly spring and with spring and warmer temperatures a man’s fancy turns to romance... and adventures! This cover and the illustration that covers a two page spread for the story features a CJ3-B, the beloved ugly swan of the jeep world. It’s pretty typical of the men’s magazines that ranged in their heyday from the 1950’s to the 60’s. They usually featured the things that would attract a guy’s interest- cars, women, adventures and true-life stories. This cover has a 3B and the two swarthy adventurers narrowly escaping from gun smuggling arms dealers chasing them in what appears to be something with a German halftrack front and oh, I don’t know, but that’s not what matters. Its the jeep and the adventures of a lifetime that counts! Hope that your day is exciting with your jeep and come back next week for more of the timeless and adventurous jeep!

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