Sunday, August 19, 2012

Extra LIFE Photography, Part Three

Today we have the last photos in the series of LIFE magazine photography that showcased the world legend, the jeep. Another 15 images are uncredited, unfortunately for the fact that the photographers who took them were so talented. Please contact me at if you have any info on them or any further photos that you’d like to share with our archive. The image on the left of a support vehicle for the Tour de France in the form of a Willys MB was found via eWillys so I have a thank you to extend to Dave Eilers. You never know what will pop up and I had never seen the photos that he unearthed. Nor did I know that jeeps were used as support vehicles in, I believe the late 40’s. I am sure that there are still more shots of a jeep from their pages just waiting to be uncovered in the mine that is the internet!
I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have had in putting it together. It was a large time consuming one, but one that I feel was well worth it. The amount of talent that was cultivated and nourished through the pages of LIFE Magazine is stupendous. They were a group of men and women whose very work just screams what photojournalism is all about, telling a story visually, informing and making us feel. The fact that the jeep turns up so often in these shots from World War Two and up is a testament to not only the sheer ubiquity of the jeep but its usefulness. From hauling spare tires through the French Alps to the countless GIs who rode in them to carrying a rowing scull for a college team, the jeep has done it all and will continue to do so! Check out the entire selection of albums here.
I’ve also found an article worth your time on this lazy Sunday morning. You can find it here. Its an interview with John G. Morris, an influential photo editor with LIFE during the Second World War who worked with many of the photographers that you’ve seen here. Its worth a read.
Come back next week when we’ll be starting something new. I’m not sure right now what the project will be, but check it out, right here in the online pages of!

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