Sunday, August 12, 2012

Extra LIFE Magazine Photography, Part Two

This week, we return to a very large update of extra photos involving the American wonder the jeep within the pages of that other American wonder, LIFE Magazine. LIFE in its years not only gave Americans a view into world events, history and the documentation of their own culture, but of the world at large itself. It began the careers of many of the most talented photographers known to the 20th century and of course, the jeep was right there within its pages. These are many of the extra photos that I came across while doing random online research into the photographers themselves. I hope that these photos bring many a smile to your face as they have mine. Most of them I had never before seen and they’re gems!
Next week I will have one more installment in the LIFE Photo Archive series, an even baker’s dozen of another bunch of uncredited photos and one more LIFE photographer from the Vietnam era. Click here to view the entire selection of albums.

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