Sunday, July 29, 2012

Extra LIFE Magazine Photography, Part One

In my search for rounding up jeep related photos that have appeared within the pages of LIFE Magazine over the years I came across many extras that did not make it into the original albums. These first six photographers- Eisenstaedt, Elisofson, Feininger, Hoffman, Kessel and Mydans are the first half of what I’ve found after the original entries made their way into the archive. There are many great photos that I had never seen before and was surprised to find buried mainly within the Google search archive of LIFE Magazine. Some are taken from websites and are not the full resolution images of the originals that I have not yet found. If you have a link for any of them please email me at
Come back next week and we’ll have the second batch of ‘extras’ that I think you’ll enjoy as much as these.
PS. Look closely at the photos and you may discover some neat details like these two-

Kessel came up with these two, I love the stenciled wartime “United We Stand” on the overhead crane. Also of note is the experimental ‘X13’ number on the front bumper of the MB tearing through a field in back of the Willys-Overland plant (note the smoke stacks in the background...). These X numbers were used by Willys to designate experimental modifications or prototypes from the CJ-1 AgriJeeps to the elusive CJ-4, the X151. No word on what the X13 may have been being tested for. It doesn’t appear in Fred Coldwell’s “Preproduction Civilian Jeep” list. Click here to see the full albums of photos.

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