Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Jeep By Sea, Air And Land, Part Three

Today brings us to the third part of the legendary jeep getting around through various methods during wartime. It wasn’t all out of the ordinary, sometimes the jeep was just plain on the ground doing what it did best as the most versatile vehicle of the Second World War. The jeep did just about anything from the day to day duties of serving as a portable litter for the wounded and providing transportation for medics as you’ll see in the “Medics In Dungarees” article to helping to provide training to GIs (though I don’t think that I’d like it myself.... riding in a jeep is one thing and learning to somersault and roll out of one moving at 40 mph is quite another...). In its day, the jeep was hauled by cable down cliff sides, travelled the Burma-Ledo road, helped clean up gas spills and a slat grill served as a model for its ‘stepchild’ powered by an icebox motor. Notice
the two small models sitting its hood as well. Pretty cool!
I still have a ton of PopMech and PopSci articles to go through and present here. Next week I’ll focus on some of the great little ads that were found in the back that advertised everything from replacement F-heads for cheap, to do-it-yourself duallies. For now you can find all of the above articles in the Miscellaneous section of the Popular Mechanics and Science Archive.
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