Sunday, November 11, 2012

The 2012 Calendar- October/November

Today you get a double entry for the 2012 calendar pages as I completely spaced on the October page last month! Its also Veteran’s Day so of course we have a calendar page that is in honor of the many veterans who have sacrificed for the greater good. Please take some time today to remember, honor and/or thank a veteran today for their service and never forget what they have done.
For October I found this lovely photo of a young lady standing next to just one example of an MB with a hardtop. Its one of a slew of hardtops both commercially available and homemade that cropped up in the post-war years. I hope to have an article up about hardtops and the varieties that I’ve found one day soon. The sheer variety of them have interested me for awhile now. Not sure where the photo was taken either, (though the seller told me that the photo came from Washington State...) and it does remind me of many beautiful landscapes from either Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. 
The November page is a touching photo of a young woman spending some quality time with her favorite veteran, a sergeant behind the wheel of a civilian flat fender. Its an interesting photo because of the little details like the canvas half top and the relatively rare rear seat. Notice also that the spare is on the opposite side. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a setup like that. The couples names,  Jim Simmons and Gerry Martin are listed on the reverse. Anyone happen to know of them?
One month left to go in the 2012 calendar but you can still get a nicely printed calendar for all of the beautiful reproductions that would make great garage, barn or man cave photos to hang. You can find it right here. And take note that through tomorrow calendars are 50% off! Coming up for the holidays I have new t-shirt designs in the works and of course, a 2013 calendar! Come back next week for the continuation of the Popular Mechanics articles!

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