Sunday, February 24, 2013

Website Finds, Florida Memory

On this snowy day in Maine with winter still dragging on it seems appropriate to take a look at a website that Dave from eWillys has turned me onto, Florida Memory. Its a website set up in conjunction with the state of Florida and covers a wide variety of subjects detailing life in Florida and the South in general. It hosts a ton of info for everyone from teachers to amateur historians and genealogists. You can find old historical documents, videos and photos ranging from the state’s history, civil rights, the state’s economy and tourism, culture, business, folklore and sports. Florida is one of those places that usually sets a definite image in your mind when you think of it, beaches, oranges and older retiree folks. But its much more than that and this site proves it. But of course, what brings it to my attention this day is its sampling of rare, never before seen jeep related photos ranging from the late WW2 era to modern day. Its really a neat place to cruise around (the site AND the state...) and the site contains a number of unexpected hits for jeeps in photos!
Check all of them out here in the new old website finds album and click here to see a few of my favorites.

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