Sunday, March 3, 2013

The 2013 Calendar- March

This month of March brings us the first day of spring, the return of Daylight Savings and my birthday and so, it has always held a special place in my heart. The two photos here today document a couple’s trip into what I was told by the seller was the high desert area of Montana, the Big Sky country. I’ve only passed through Montana and not spent a whole lot of time there unfortunately, but it does seem to be an awfully big  and beautiful place. And desert? In Montana? Yep, apparently, though this scene must have been somewhere on the outskirts, and on a ranch as you can see cattle in the background, but what a place for a jeep trip! I found this online on the actual presence of deserts in Montana: “Montana may be up near the Canadian border, but some of its landscapes look like they'd fit in just as well in southern Arizona. Pacific weather systems flowing in from the west tend to get ripped up by the mountains in the western third of the state. This means little rain makes it past the ranges, turning central and eastern Montana into semi-arid desert-type environments, including badland, dune and shrubland. Arctic cold fronts coming south from Canada don't bring in enoughmoisture, either; precipitation in much of central and eastern Montana averages less than 16 inches per year, with some areas getting as little as 6 inches.”
The couple took some time traveling through it in their CJ2-A and they look like they were having a great time and scoping something out with binoculars sitting on the hood. I chose this for March as it seems like a transitional time in the photo. The couples were still wearing jackets, but there is no snow in evidence. And you can plainly see the Montana license plate mounted on the windshield frame and as well I believe the registration sticker in the shape of Montana with a ‘1952’ as near as I can tell. And PS. ‘The Treasure State’ motto was used on license plates from 1950 to 1966.

Check out the rest of the calendar here. It makes a great gift for yourself or any other lover of the jeep. Each month features a new and not previously seen photo or two. There’s still plenty of time to get it and enjoy another nine months of the history and lore of the jeep in people’s lives!
Come back next week. I have a couple of ideas for new articles that I’d like to write as well as plenty more to continue with what I’ve started detailing in the world of the jeep!

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