Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Smattering Of Forward Control Goodness

So, the tenth annual FC Roundup took place last week in Phoenix, Arizona and as well Dave Eilers fromeWillys took a trip to the event this year and saw alot of amazing stuff that he shared on his site. I had fun reading it all this week and the various amazing sights he and his wife saw on their way. I’m dealing with a few family health issues this week and what I thought that what was to be a fairly long post today needs to turn into a fairly short and simple one. So since I’ve been sitting on these miscellaneous FC brochures and press pics for awhile I thought that they would work for today as well.
Hope that you enjoy them and check them out in the FC Across The Web album as well as here in the Dealer Item section. Come back next week and I’ll hopefully have something longer. Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

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