Sunday, March 17, 2013

Website Finds- The New York State Forest Rangers

Welcome back to the Website Find section. Its getting pretty close to spring and spring for me means getting outside and hopefully out into the woods and ideally in a jeep! So today I bring to you a few vintage photographic finds online at the The New York State Forest Ranger site. Its a website created by a retired New York State Forest Ranger and dedicated to telling their history and something of their mission which since 1885 has been to serve and protect the enormous amount of woodland and forest in NYS. Having grown up in NY right next to the Adirondack State Park I’ve had a few interactions with the Rangers and they’ve all been positive. I’ve looked up to these men who are expected to patrol their area (or ANY area in New York) at any time of the day and in any weather on foot, bike, ATV, ski, snowshoe, plane and at one point, in this specially modified CJ2-A. I’ve never seen anything quite like this full wrap around brush guard, but it must have served its purpose as a defense against underbrush and boulder traversing a wide swath of uninhabited NYS forest. The Adirondacks, to me are as impressive as any mountains in the world and the sheer variety of things to do are really varied. Today only 134 Rangers are sworn in as gun toting law enforcement to cover primarily the Adirondack and Catskill State Parks, but they cover a total of 18.6 million acres of forested public and private land. They serve as law enforcement, first responders, rescuers and fire fighters (in fact they were first known as Fire Wardens). You can visit the official site here, but the unofficial site that we are concerned with today is chock full of history and information. My hat is off to you guys! Check out the album here.
I’ve been busy lately with prepping and updating a few big portions of including the Dealer item section. Next week I plan on beginning adding a new and large treasure trove of dealer brochures that I’ve come across. I’m also working on the research for an article that was spurred on by a request for any info that I received from a reader. Hopefully that should be finished in the next couple of weeks. Come back next week for more!

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