Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Short Tribute To Bill Mauldin And The Jeep

Because it feels as if Mother Nature is playing jokes on us in the Northeast with winter dragging on and on I needed to laugh today and one of the best ways to find someone to commiserate with is to look at the hapless duo of Willie and Joe of Bill Mauldin’s cartoons. As a kid, I stumbled across a few of his cartoons and they struck a chord with me somehow. They belonged to a then, not forgotten or far away world, the America of the 1940’s. While their full meanings were just out of touch for a ten or so year old boy who loved playing with plastic toy soldiers, tanks and yes, jeeps even then, I looked up to these men and women of the past. Mauldin’s was a form of story telling that I knew was special. If grown ups even then could enjoy cartoons that told them something important then Mauldin must have been doing something right. I’ve admired his work for some time now and I’ve wanted to write a short piece about him. And now seems to be the time to do it. This year marks the tenth year since we’ve lost him as well.
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