Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wrecks And Stucks And The April 2013 Calendar Page

Welcome back and welcome to April everyone. Today we have the 2013 calendar page for April. Since its April and the season for mud as well as April Fool’s Day jokes, I thought that this photo would work out particularly well. Someone had entitled it “A jerk by a jeep!” on the front of the photo and noted on the back that “There is one thing we have plenty of over here and that’s mud!” I thought it hilarious and a good example of two buddies having a good time in the service (always with the help of the jeep!), possibly somewhere in Europe. The grin on the guy’s face tells you that his cool rain slicker may have saved him from the rain, but not the mud!
I’m also including various photos found online in the Website Finds section of all sorts of wrecks and stucks that people have gotten the jeep into. While its a mighty capable vehicle, there were even limits to what the jeep could get through in one piece.

Thanks for being patient when I wasn’t able to post last week. I’ve been dealing with alot of health issues with my mom, who as much as I wish it weren’t so, just isn’t getting any younger. I also had family and friends visiting for my son’s seventh birthday party, so it was a busy time! I’m working on various ideas for much longer articles as well a long scanning project that I intend on beginning this weekend... so stay tuned, I have some great things to share soon! Come back next week for more and I hope that you’re getting as ready for spring as I am!

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