Sunday, April 28, 2013

Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment Book, Part Two, Warn Hubs

This week brings us the next part of the Willys Industrial Equipment Book, the Warn Hub Caps. Warn Industries was one of those early pioneering companies that saw the incredible potential of the post-war jeep.  Warn was a relatively small company that has grown into a name that is synonymous with the 4X4 industry today for their hubs, bumpers and especially, their winches. Arthur and Sadie Warn began by running a Willys dealership in Washington State in the 1930’s. Their hard work and vision formed Warn Industries by 1948 with a dream that the post-war jeep could become a bit more road worthy by the addition of the then just $20 Warn hub! Nowadays an early set of Warn hubs are prized and hard to come by.
But back in the early days it took alot of hard work and Sadie’s vision that advertising and selling the hubs in the pages of Popular Mechanics would pay off. And pay off it did. The mail order business took off and by 1954 the Warn hub was offered as optional factory equipment from auto manufacturers. You an read more about Warn Industries’ history here at their site and click here to view the whole brochure including a supplemental ad that touts the benefits of dealers stocking the famous Warn hubs that appear in the pages of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Mechanix Illustrated and Science and Mechanics.

And this photo appears on the Warn history section of their site. I’m assuming that its their dealership, but are those really neat extended body conversions on CJ2-As? Hmmm... I’d love to see more of them! 
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