Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 2013 Calendar- May

This week brings us to May and the month of Memorial Day, a time of remembering and commemorating the sacrifices of the fallen. I’m not sure where or when this photo was taken, but it looks to have been during a parade. It could well have been a Memorial Day parade with the veterans driving the jeep past crowds in small town America with a Five and Dime in the background. Except that the veterans here are hardly the generation that you’d expect in a jeep! These guys are flying the South’s Stars and Bars in their Confederate grey! Imagine if the South had had jeeps at their disposal during the Civil War. Well, perhaps that’s an alternate past for the writers like Harry Turtledove to imagine!
Click on the thumbnail above to view the page full sized and you can also find a link to the 2013 calendar which is still available as well as a ton of other great vintage jeep products for everyone at the online store!
Next week there will not be an update as I’ll be out of town visiting sick family, but when I get back I hope to get back to the Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment book as well as quite literally a ton of more vintage jeep items that will be added right here. In the meanwhile visit our online forum where you can read about and view projects and talk with fellow jeepers about anything about our greatest loves, the jeep!

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