Sunday, May 19, 2013

Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment Book, Part Three- Accessories

Thanks for your patience last week and today I want to get back into the 1952 Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment dealer’s book. There are alot of fascinating things in this binder, but some of the most interesting things are the first things listed, the accessories. Its hard to believe that in this day of the super high tech automobile that at one time vehicles were pretty simple and basic tools as the jeep was. And especially surprising that in this day of saving us from ourselves and safety everywhere traction control and backup cameras and airbags that such things as a second brake light, reflectors, back up lights and wiper washers were optional dealer installed accessories for the jeep! The other thing that I have never before seen were the center third seat and bench seat covers for the jeep’s wheel wells. I wonder how many were sold because I’ve never seen a surviving specimen on a modern day barn find. Click here to view the entire accessory section and the rest of the binder!
Next week, I’ll continue with the Industrial Equipment binder, but in the meanwhile why don’t you check out the forum? Have a question or want to show off your project or get some ideas for your next restoration? This is the perfect place for it. Check us out here!

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