Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow fathers out there. I had planned upon more of the Industrial Equipment binder but ran short on time today and well, time waits for no man, father or not. I was thinking about using this photo in next year’s calendar. But this was such a perfect photo in honor of Father’s Day that I needed to use it. Taken nearly 60 years ago during the week of July 18, 1955 its a touching photo, I think. The man’s name is Cam McKenzie and I believe it was taken in Idaho. I had a nice conversation with the seller and he had this to say: 
“Sometimes you just know when you're doing the right thing and I'm very happy the photo has found a good home. The man in the photo is Cam McKenzie. He worked with my father in Cuba when my dad was a geologist locating spots for oil rigs. Mr. McKenzie moved to Idaho and that is, I'm assuming, where he got the Jeep. His son's name is Rory. I don't recall the woman's name. I only met them once when I was six or seven and we were driving through Idaho on a family vacation. Sorry, but that is all I can remember about them. Thanks again for keeping the past alive.
I always love it when a good story comes along with the photo. This is part of the reason why I began If by some stroke of luck you happen to know anything further about Mr. McKenzie make sure  to contact me @ I’ve been thinking lately about the stories that I’ve accumulated here and the stories that I am still looking for. I’ll have an update regarding them soon. Until then, enjoy your Father’s Day!

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