Sunday, June 9, 2013

Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment Book, Part Five- Equipment

I’m just going to cover the beginning of the next section of the 1952 Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment Binder today, Equipment. It pretty well covers the gamut of add-ons that a customer could equip his jeep out with for the business and private world. From the very beginning, W-O knew that they were going to market the jeep (and all of their vehicles, but especially the CJ...) to as broad of a customer base as they could. It was what was needed to keep themselves afloat financially. It was ironic then that they didn’t and were sold to Kaiser the following year, but this binder is pretty good evidence of their sheer imagination and attempt to sell jeeps. I’m also fortunate enough that this one was used, but not abused. Plenty of hand- typed notes detail the costs and little stuff that a dealer could easily present to a potential customer. Plenty of things in here I’ve seen before listed in ads and various brochures such as the slightly later Kaiser Specialized Vehicles and Equipment brochure/ book, but there are also some nice surprises like the Eleco Lubritruck that transformed your 3A into a mobile delivery truck of oil for the big rigs, buses or dump trucks in your fleet and the Spen motion picture equipment and trailer that allowed you to become your own traveling PR fleet. And the Han-D-Crane, a sort of third wheel that you could town behind your jeep pickup and then use it to perform various high lifting operations on the job site.
Its all very cool to me and all right here or by clicking on the thumbnail at the top. Come back next week and I’ll get into the next section of the Equipment heading, plows and winches. Yep, alot more to enjoy there! In the meanwhile are you in need of an all-jeep forum in your life where all of the members are friendly? Want to meet other jeep lovers who get excited about an old jeep? Curious about a new project? Have a tech question? Want to meet someone just like yourself? Then check us out!

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