Sunday, July 28, 2013

Willys-Overland Industrial Equipment Book, Part Eight- Barden Bumpers

Today we have one of the final parts of the 1952 Willys Overland Industrial Equipment Binder. Its a small section and Fall catalogue for a product that probably isn’t well known amongst fans of the jeep, Barden Bumpers of California. I had never heard of them before finding them here, but Barden Bumpers apparently had a reputation of making tough, sturdy bumpers available in a few configurations. They were available for all of the major trucks of the 1950’s from Ford and Chevy to International, Dodge and GMC and yep, of course, the Willys pickup. They also came with these unique and optional side braces on the Deluxe model. They also made spare tire mounting brackets, side brackets for carrying things like pipe and front grill guards. In trying to find more about Barden online I’ve found alot of interest in the owners of vintage pickup trucks. they had a reputation of being super tough and super heavy!
Barden is sadly no longer an active company. I tried finding what was in their two former locations in California and like so many other former active manufacturing companies there is little to no evidence of their presence. See the original post to see what I found in those locations.
Thanks for being patient this week. I know that I said that I wanted to present the final section of the binder today long with a short history of the winch, but I got way too wrapped up in well... life. Been extremely busy this past few weeks and I didn’t have the time write the article much less even scan the pages (and there are ALOT of them!). You can click on the thumbnail above to view the entire album. I’m hoping to get caught up on that this week, so stay tuned and come back next week!

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