Sunday, May 4, 2014

From Jets To Jeeps

Its another beautiful Sunday in early spring (at least it still feels early....) and I find myself in the same quandry that I do when composing an update every Sunday- what to bring out? Well, I have a ton of stuff. More than enough to supply me with stuff to write about and pack the website with for a few years I’m sure. But what to present to you guys today? I was planning on more from Lov2xlr8 today, but I’ve a few big catalogues up next and I’d like to do a bit more research when I present them and I frankly don’t have the time this morning. So it was onto two more ideas that I had as backups and then I realized that they weren’t as short as I thought they would be. I had found so much more that they deserved a better writeup than I can do this morning. 
So today we have this Fram ad which I have always loved. Its not much but I hope that you like it. I love the jet taking off with the jeep in the foreground as a great contrast from big to small. Its another classic of ad design when a jeep was simply a small go-anywhere and do-anything runabout. And this certainly wasn’t the first time a jeep was used in advertising. Check out more here.
Next week I’ll be out of town for the weekend so I won’t be able to present anything, but I wish everyone a great day. Get out there and enjoy it and come back in two weeks for more of the best of the jeep since 1940!

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