Sunday, May 25, 2014

1978 Jeep Lineup Brochure

Like the brochure says, “We can take you to Jeep Country!” 1978 was a good year for jeep, still moving along strong with the jeep making that steady progression towards becoming less of a work vehicle and more of a family and fun vehicle. And it was a success. On June 27 of 1978, the 150,000th jeep assembled rolled off the Toledo factory floor, a CJ-7 Renegade that went to the governor of Ohio, James Rhodes. It was a boom time, plans were made to expand production at the Toledo plant and AMC announced plans as well to convert its Brampton, Ontario plant to produce CJs. There were just under 2,000 dealers in the US and Canada that sold over 162,000 units. That’s alot of jeeps by any standard!
And the jeep itself as well as its purpose was evolving. Little things that we take for granted were now made standard like front disc brakes and passenger side mirrors. It may seem like a lifetime ago when these models and special editions like the Renegade package and the Golden Eagle were introduced but in some ways these jeeps seem like a modern advertising push. This brochure is a gem of details from the auto enthusiasts website, a “web magazine/blog” Lov2xlr8. Check the whole brochure out here.
Check out everything that this brochure contains from tire and engine choices to specs and colors and trims, not to mention the Levi’s fabric choices for the Golden Eagle package. Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend and take a moment to think of the fallen service members who have given everything for you on this Memorial Day.

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