Sunday, June 1, 2014

Miscellaneous 1970’s Ads

When AMC acquired Jeep in February 1970, the jeep had already evolved while under Kaiser ownership, but  this shift in ownership pushed the jeep out of the radical change 1960’s and into a more stable position as a tough go anywhere leisure and work vehicle. They also saw the introduction of the transitionary Cherokee Chief and such packages as the Levi’s and Golden Eagle editions as well as the Honcho package for the J-10. The Honcho brought with it front disc brakes, power steering, dual horns and a chrome bumper, special paint and trim and a Levi’s fabric bench seat.
These ads today found at the auto enthusiasts website, a “web magazine/blog” Lov2xlr8 are pretty emblematic of what the jeep was at the end of the 1970’s and nearly a decade into AMC ownership. They were tough challengers to the long held throne of the Big 3 of Detroit. Enjoy this short update today on what is quickly becoming a summer day here. Come back next week and we’ll have one last glimpse at the 1970’s before we jump off into the 1980’s! Check out all of the full sized ads here and stay tuned for new t-shirt designs for the summer coming soon to the online store.

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