Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three New T-Shirts From This-Old-Jeep.com

Normally I’d be posting this on Sunday, but we lost power overnight and into the morning hours with the heavy wet snowstorm that blew in. Hence, without power and the internet, my precious AM time before anyone else is up that I usually use to post my updates disappeared. I was planning on posting this on Monday, but completely spaced the fact that with Halloween my time would be spent with my kids and so here we are on a Tuesday... But without further ado, Happy (post) Halloween and here are three new t-shirts that are available exclusively through the This-Old-Jeep.com Zazzle store marketplace. What jeep t-shirt collection would be complete without a cutaway F-Head or an Andy Warhol homage to his silkscreens with an early MB/CJ-1 prototype? The simple but beautiful illustrations from a soon to be shown early brochure made for another fanciful listing of ‘future’ civilian jeep uses. Hope that you enjoy them and look for another six t-shirts to be released over the next week or two and soon, the all new 2012 This-Old-Jeep.com calendar will be here! Keep checking in and remember to find us as well on Facebook and Twitter. Also, please remember to donate to us for our server fund through our secure Paypal link. The domain is set to renew in a month and we can always use a dollar here and a dollar there. That’s really all it will take! If you like what I do, please help if you can!

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