Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Continuation Of The LIFE Magazine Photo Archives

This week and for the next we are going to welcome back the entries into the LIFE Magazine Photo Archive here at Over the course of its regular weekly publication from 1936 to 1972, LIFE Magazine was a pre-eminent source of photojournalism covering two major wars. Of course in the course of these wars the jeep played a major role and photojournalists captured the jeep playing its part in the affairs of human history. Some of these you will have surely seen before, but hopefully there will be some surprises too! These photos are the property of Time/LIFE and are available through a search using the terms “jeep source:life” and are kindly hosted by Google. They are also for personal and non-commercial use only, so please enjoy them. I will try to provide you with everything that I have found over the course of these next two weeks. If you find something that I have missed kindly email me at I will try to have an occasional update here at the site, but probably won’t every day. Check back here everyday to see more!

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