Monday, June 11, 2012

LIFE Magazine And The Jeep- Myron Davis And John Dominis

Tonight we have the work of two outstanding photographers who were found by LIFE magazine at a young age, John Dominis and Myron Davis. Both served in the armed forces and had plenty of opportunities to become acquainted with the jeep. During their stints with LIFE they shot some amazing work which we will have here tonight. Tonight I have also found even more by them that I will be including at a later date. Enjoy these shots from testing of Willys slat grills at Camp Holabird to early civilian farm work (and possibly sharing a common source of many press photos at CESOR farms?) to jeeps put out to pasture in Korea a decade after the war and even ski bunnies in the 70’s! Check it out here! Come back tomorrow for more!

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