Friday, June 22, 2012

Walker, Whitmore, Wild And Wilkes Of LIFE

This morning its another mixed bag of photos from some of the last four LIFE photographers that we’ve been showcasing for the past two weeks. The longest is James Whitmore’s series from LIFE magazine’s story from Lebanon and the UN’s efforts there during their civil war. The rest show the jeep again being greeted by cheering crowds, the fighting jeep in Korea and the GPA ‘Seep’ becoming a tool of leisure in the French Riviera in 1947. Enjoy the photos today. I am down to the last two LIFE photographers now and will cover them on Sundays again. I will be taking a break from updates tomorrow and Sunday’s will be a large one. Can you guess the last two photogs? The last Sunday in the LIFE Magazine Photo archive will be all the anonymous and uncredited photos with a possible further entry with all of the extra stuff that I have found just from doing a bit of bio research for the photographers. Enjoy your weekend and check out all the albums here.

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