Sunday, October 14, 2012

1942 Popular Mechanics Articles- From The Miracle To Victory

From the miracle of the jeep to the post-war victory of the jeep, Popular Mechanics andPopular Science has caught up with all of its aspects over the years. I’ve found so manyPop Sci and Mech articles via Google Books for magazines that I have no idea when I’ll get caught up to presenting everything here. I’ve also decided to create a new category for just these articles, so if you’re looking for an older Pop Sci and Mech article, it’s been moved here.
I’ll be moving through the 40’s first with some of the obvious articles like “Miracle On Wheels” and the Brooks Stevens (who later designed the Willys station wagon among other jeeps...) piece “Your Victory Car,” of which I’ve referenced before but have not found the entire article before now. Its a fascinating read and very prescient about the changes coming down the road (so to speak...) of the car of the future, more molded body pieces, aerodynamics and the greater use of alternative materials such as aluminum and especially plastic in bumpers and knobs and such. It also touches on the role of the jeep as a possible basis for the “victory car” of the post-war future. You really owe it to yourself to read this if you are at all interested in the history behind the civilian jeep. And if you’re reading this, I bet you are!
As well as these more jeep-centric articles you can find alot of miscellaneous references to the jeep in the world of war and peace doing all manner of things in science, around the farm and in ads and photos that I had never seen before. You can find them in the miscellaneous section here. Come back next week, you can bet that I’ll have alot more!

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